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How to Find the Perfect Headband

Have you tried other headbands only to have them pinch, bind or slip? Then you've come to the right place. Most fabric headbands are offered as "one size fits all". Instead, Specifically Random headbands are made to fit YOUR head!  

First...Determine your size.

All of my headband styles can be worn by women, men and children.  The key is wearing the right size.  Most wear a size medium, but the best way to tell is to measure around your head where you would normally wear a headband.  From the top of your head to the back of your head where the hairline meets the neck. Just wrap a tape measure tight enough to be comfortable but not tight.  Use the chart below to determine your best size. If you fall in between sizes, choose based on whether you prefer your headbands to fit more snug or loose.

Second...Pick Your Style.

Specifically Random headbands are available in six styles.  Click on each to learn more.