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How to Find a Headband That Stays Put all Day

November 06 2015 – Kelly LaRoche

How to Find a Headband That Stays Put all Day
How to Find a Headband That Stays Put all Day

How big is your stash of headbands? The ones that don't quite stay in place. You've probably tried all types; wide, thin, elastic, rubbery. And the one thing they have in common is that they just don't fit.

Specifically Random headbands are different.

I realized early on that while most headbands are sold as one-size-fits-all, not all heads are the same size! A headband that's too small will simply slide off the back of your head. One that's too big will twist and turn on your head.
So, I make my headbands in four sizes; small, medium, large and x-large.

"Thanks, Kelly! I consider myself a bit of an expert on wearing headwraps -- my three teenage daughters can attest to that. We KNOW headwraps. These are the first I've ever bought that have size options and what a difference it makes! I wore this red/blue to work last night and never once did it slip or require any tugging or pinning. I love it!"

Finding your size is easy. Simply measure around your head (where you would normally wear a headband) with a measuring tape. Or, use a string and measure the string against a ruler. Then, use your measurement to find your size on the chart below.

I also know that shopping online can feel a bit of a risk since you can't feel the fabric and try out the fit before buying. That's why I am happy to offer free shipping on orders over $36* and I'm always happy to accept returns or exchanges.  

Whether you wear a headband every day, for athletics or as a fashion accessory, you'll appreciate the fit and feel of a headband that doesn't slip or bind.  Several styles are available in a wide range of colors and fabrics.

Head on over and check out the latest headbands now!

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Hi! I'm Kelly, owner and creator of Specifically Random headbands.  If you should have any questions or comments about my headbands, please feel free to contact me and I'll personally help out in any way I can.