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About Me

My name is Kelly, owner of Specifically Random.  I founded Specifically Random with the concept of doing one thing, headbands, and doing it well. Because of that philosophy, I have many satisfied, repeat customers and a five star rating on Etsy. I value my customers and take the time to learn about their specific needs. Afterwards they may share their stories with me and learning that I’ve actually helped make someone’s life a little better with my product propels me forward to do more.

I quickly discovered that while most headbands are sold as "one size fits all", all heads are not the same size!  As a result, Specifically Random headbands are made in four sizes and a variety of styles certain to fit any head, large or small.

I personally make each headband using the best quality fabrics. I always use high quality, non-roll elastic and re-enforced seams so that your headband won't fall apart or change shape.

Specifically Random headbands have been shipped all over the world and are available in a variety of retail shops.

Headbands That Fit

When it comes to fabric headbands, one size does not fit all. The average adult head measures between 21" and 24" and the measurement of your perfect headband will vary even more depending on your style and level of sensitivity.

I am committed to providing you with a headband that is not only fashionable, but is comfortable enough for all-day wear and that won't slip or bind. 

All of my headscarves can be worn by children, women and men. The key is getting the right size. Most girls and women wear a size medium, but the best way to tell is to measure around your head where you would normally wear a headband. From the top of your head to the back of your head where the hairline meets the neck. My sizing chart is as follows...

Small - 18" - 20" head

Medium - 20" - 22" head

Large - 22" - 24" head

X-Large - 24" - 26" head

Customer Feedback

"This baby is so comfortable! I suffer from debilitating headaches but I need my hair back at those times too. traditional head gear just adds to the irritation....this one is so easy on the elastic that, it has already helped me thru one! Wonderful, thanks"

​"I just returned from vacationing at Emerald Isle, NC, where I wore this every single day. It was perfect! The seller/creator sized it just right for my enormous head in that it felt loose but it always stayed on. I love it!"

"I was skeptical about whether these would actually stay on my head, but since I try about everything on the market to keep my hair in line I had to give these a shot. They stay on! They are also very comfortable and don't pinch or constrict. These are a winner and I highly recommend them!"

​"Loved it so much that I'm back for more. Sizing worked out great (no headaches!) and headband holds up to washing well."

"These are great! I love that she has different sizes; my head is a little bigger than average, so the typical headscarf is too tight. Being able to get a large makes them so much more comfortable. Thanks!"